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"Confidence inspiring, warming and great to be working with you and your company"

"The service you provide is definitely first class, and I will recommend you to all I can"

"Navigated near-impossible demands on scheduling, budgets and design consistently with flawless results"

"Efficient and a pleasure to work with, turning things around commendably fast, and dealing with any last minute necessary changes with alacrity"

"As an independent self-publishing author, I have never once felt to be down the pecking order, or to be second-in-line"

"Your striving to give everyone the best possible service is clearly working, and, for this project which means everything to me, your embracing of it and care to get it as good as it possibly can be is a wonderful breath of fresh air. Thank you again"

"Typesetting work is excellent"

Why we do it...

There's nothing more satisfying than: tidying a scrappy manuscript; designing pages that work with a story; typesetting the pages of a book; seeing a finished book on a bookshelf; and helping an author to realise their dream! That's why we do it - because we're passionate about books and we love to make books!

Hewer Text - from 1980 to the present

What we do...

We offer services to the publishing industry and self-publishing authors. These services include: book design and typesetting, digital publishing (EPUB, MOBI, PDF and others), data capture, data conversion, XML authoring and reprographic work.

Hewer Text - expert services to publishers and self-publishers

How we do it...

We have a team of UK-based professionals that is dedicated to delivering exactly what our customers need: a quality driven, quick and efficient service! We mostly use the latest software from Adobe (InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat, Distiller and Illustrator), however, we have an in-depth knowledge of many other software applications that help us with our work. We have thousands of fonts in house.

Useful Information

All work-in-progress is backed up every night to an offsite secure location. Our archived work is backed up weekly and kept at an offsite secure location.